Quality Policy

The Administration of CITERGAZ considers the Quality and Environment Management System essential for fulfilling its mission.
Our commitment is to continually innovate to ensure the company’s competitiveness through the provision of metallic reservoirs, liquid fuel reservoirs, and quality pressure vessels, the reduction of identified environmental impacts, and the continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System Environment.
We privilege the excellence and increasing satisfaction of our clients, following a strategic orientation based on the following pillars:

Innovation and Research

We intend to be an innovative and flexible company, reinforcing the involvement of all employees, suppliers, and customers, in the search for innovative solutions capable of guaranteeing the demands of the market and reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Involvement and Qualification

We aim to promote the commitment, professional qualification and personal fulfillment of our employees. It is also our commitment to motivate and make our employees aware of the adoption of good environmental practices in order to guarantee the protection of the environment.

Global Satisfaction

We bet on meeting the requirements of our customers, surpassing, if possible, all their expectations and guaranteeing their full loyalty to CITERGAZ.


We like to maintain good relationships and trustful relationships with our suppliers of materials and services, influencing them to comply with legal and/or other obligations that may have an impact on CITERGAZ.

Legal Compliance

We guarantee the identification of legal obligations applicable to CITERGAZ, complying with them and applying them, as well as adopting conscientious and responsible practices in cases where legislation is lacking or non-existent.

Quality, Environment and Safety

CITERGAZ – Caldeiraria e Manutenção, S.A. is certified in the Quality Management System, according to the ISO 9001 reference standards.

In August 2017, the transition process for the new edition of the Quality Standard, ISO 9001:2015, was finalized.

This Certification recognizes the effort of the Organization to ensure the conformity of its products, the satisfaction of its customers and the continuous improvement of CITERGAZ.

This certification is based on the adoption of preventive actions to the occurrence of adverse impacts on the environment and of assuming a proactive stance in relation to environmental issues.

The Continuous improvement of working conditions and the systematic reduction of labor claims are also fundamental concerns of CITERGAZ. The Health and Safety of its collaborators is not only a set of methodologies, but rather a way of being, thinking and acting in a daily reality.

The structuring, development, and implementation of the themes of Quality, Environment and Safety and Occupational Health is for CITERGAZ the certainty of betting on a challenge that will contribute decisively to consolidate the prestige of the Organization with its partners.

Scope of the Management System

The CITERGAZ Quality Management System applies To “design, manufacture and maintain metal reservoirs, reservoirs for liquid fuels and pressure vessels”.

Social Responsibility

CITERGAZ increasingly intends to play an active role in the society in which it operates, contributing in a relevant way, through the undertaken and foreseen projects, for the development of solutions to the requirements of customers, preserving the environment and, above all, improving the quality and well-being of all.

In this sense, in CITERGAZ all projects have a social responsibility character under the guidance of assumptions above.


ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland ID 9000008431
PME Industry Excellence in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001
PME 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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