Watertight EnclosuresFor Pumps

Watertight Enclosures
For Pumps

At Citergaz we manufacture products for various business areas. We have in this specific segment the know-how for the representation and commercialization of watertight enclosures for fuel pumps.

Our experience, along with excellent qualified workers, as well as knowledge acquired over the years, allows us to operate from the chemical industry to the food industry, including the extractive industry, among others. We are a company with eyes on the world, we try to increasingly have our products spread all over the globe, so we like to be able to affirm that we have the real capacity to produce for any part of the national or international territory.

For detailed information read more below or please consult the product’s technical sheet (Pdf.)


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Watertight Enclosures

For Fuel Pumps


Manufacturing Standards

  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Citergaz’s Watertight Enclosures are waterproof chambers designed to be coupled underneath the pumps, thus protecting all connections from them.
  • Manufactured from virgin linear polyethylene, by the rotomoulding process;
  • Reduced weight and ease of installation;
  • High mechanical and corrosion resistance;
  • Storage in conditions of total environmental safety, in case of spills of the product to be stored from the connecting pipes to the reservoir;
  • Optional interior or exterior flap, for pump base;
  • No visual impact;

For detailed information please refer to the product technical data sheet (PDF.).
For more information, please consult our sales department.

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